film fridge

I remember the good old days of photography. When film was the only way I shot my images. The smell of the fresh new roll of Kodak Ektachrome or Fuji Velvia put a smile on me.

I remember my fridge being filled with film boxes instead of food. Gone are the days where film was king. I remember experimenting in the  darkroom with prints such as Ilford and Agfa paper. Enlarging both my 35mm film and 120mm medium format stuff

These days it seems that photography is more accessible to everyone with camera manufactures such as Nikon, Canon creating cameras that are affordable.  It seems that everyone is a photographer these days because of the digital and technological revolution but there are photographers and there are professional photographers. So what sets an amatuer apart from the pros you might ask?

It boils down to a several things such as:

  • The quality and aesthetics of the image
  • The artistic eye of the photographer,
  • Technical knowledge of composition as well as modification of light.
  • The ability to solve photographic problems on the spot during a shoot
  • Software imaging knowlege

In this day and age of the digital revolution, taking a nice photograph is not good enough but in order to be a pro you need to have both technical knowledge as well as artistic flair to create phenomenal imagery.

Chapman photography  + Imaging specialize in professional photography services in the Asia Pacific Region

Singapore | Kuala Lumpur | Shanghai |  Japan | Philippines | Vietnam | Indonesia | Australia

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